Stair banisters and railings ideas from Mitch Swinburne

Unfussy Form

Matched with square balusters, clearly profiled handrails and posts, and a white-painted finish, this stair railing absolutely suits the monochromatic color scheme that is breezy.

Curvaceous Climb

Intricately detailed iron railings garner focus without blocking incoming light or views of the arched window located behind the stairs. Rising from a white foundation, stair railings that are dim undulate up to accentuate the stairway’s stately architecture and turn in the starting steps.

Elegantly Engineered

This wrought iron stairs railing makes a sculptural statement that originates with its floor-set newel post. An arch rail and magnificently comprehensive balusters held in place by brackets that are ornamental join to get a fantastic focus. Safe passageway is ensured by the just lined handrail on the inner wall for pairs traveling the stairs at exactly the same time.

Fashionable Beginnings

Straight balusters embellished with a slim rounded handrail with knucklelike details partner to guide traffic and eyes up without disrupting the peaceful rhythms of the house.

Large wall mirrors

Progressive Passage

The flat lines of this stair railing enrich (and safely enclose) a floating stairway ascending behind a kitchen’s serving area. Available in several metals and finishes, these clean-lined contemporary nature is promptly established by stair railings.

Shipshape Silhouette

Modern houses benefit from stairways and stair railings that sport clear, clean lines. You will not find a more streamlined railing than this construction constructed of affordable lumber stained dark grey. The short length of the railing needs just two posts to support its bridge from the beginning stair to the top wall. Without detracting from the minimalist appearance, plexiglass installed between the railing along with the stairs ensures security.

Shaped to Perfection

Dim railings and light balusters paired with runners fashion that is lush and stained steps ageless staircase layouts. Black- post caps and finished handrails top white-painted detailed and fluted newel posts balusters to get a lavish look that is sure to stylishly last for ages.

Refined Rustic

Juxtapositions of finishes and materials produce unique stairwells. In this updated farmhouse, a wooden handrail and clear plexiglass panels fastened with glossy hardware fashion a contemporary stair railing that becomes more intriguing when paired with weathered barnwood steps.

Small bathroom with glass shower from Mitch Swinburne

Invite in Light

Position your walk-in shower near a window or beneath a skylight so you gaze upon twinkling stars or can bask in sunbeams. This walk in shower boasts a clerestory window along with a glass door that let natural light to stream in and from the shower. Due to its positioning, the shower becomes a separate room that impede traffic flow or does not clutter up the sight lines of the little toilet.

Reach Beneath

Design a walk in shower that takes advantage of the architectural oddities of your little toilet. Tucking a shower enabled these homeowners to fit a walk in shower near light-inviting windows in their little bathroom. Another advantage: an interior wall that accommodates another dressing table was created by Adding the shower.

Be Space-Savvy

Enlarge the utility of a little toilet by designing a walk in shower that provides a solid wall or walls for placing bathtubs or dressing tables. Ostensibly an extension of the bathroom’s plank-clad walls, this knee wall adapts a dressing table that is shallow having a mirrored door. White painted walls, the shower’s glass enclosure and tiled walls, and reflective surfaces support light to go across the space, inducing the tiny bathroom to seem roomier.

Glass shower door

Blur the Lines

A walk in shower that blends into the background. Though the seamless glass enclosure of this shower is observable, it fades in significance, thanks to brightly hued wainscoting that envelops the lower walls of the bathroom. The shower seems with its atmosphere at one rather than as another room.

Raise See-Through Walls

Enclose a walk in shower using a glass enclosure that is seamless. The crystalline obstacles take up little space that is visual and let natural light flow involving the toilet and shower, which in turn makes a small bathroom live bigger than its measurements. This toilet’s impartial tiled walls continue to the walk-in shower to further the space-stretching illusion.

Double Up

The homeowners tucked a small soaking bathtub within the walk in shower to maximize a minimal level of floor space. Advantageously, the two-in-one design keeps splashing water and wet footprints from vanity and commode areas.

Go Long

Align bathing and showering stations on a little toilet’s longest wall. By placing the bath from the walk-in shower’s knee wall, the homeowners created a compact organization that left open the opposite wall for other toilet fittings. A shared palette of stuff and shades furthers the link involving bathtub and the shower.

Get Creative

Before you might be in a position to fit in every one of your desirable comforts reconsider toilet space that is available. A bathtub is tucked by this little bathroom layout between the windowed wall and also a streamlined walk-in shower; the bath stretches behind the shower to furnish a complete-out bathing experience. The bath, shower, and vanity share the natural light streaming through the undressed window.

Tailor to Suit

Consider other bathroom amenities when making way for a walk-in shower. Dressed having an easy glass door, this walk in shower provides a sturdy wall for showcasing a freestanding bath. A transom window works with all the door to transport light into the shower’s interior from nearby windows.

Delight the Eye

Even bounteous fashion can be accommodated by the lowest toilet. Though diminutive in measurement, this walk in shower makes an impact thanks to its marble door frame and tiled interior, which are emphasized by charcoal walls. Toilet floor tiles duplicate in the shower to link both areas.

Bathroom interiors for small bathrooms from Mitch Swinburne

Find the Right Size

Sometimes a little footprint dictates layout decisions. And proportion and scale are crucial factors when working in a tiny space similar to this one. A tiny vanity is the perfect (and only) fit in this powder room. A vintage- style faucet and vessel sink ensure the limited counter space stays litter-free.

Install a Pocket Door

Think about a pocket door when space is a premium. Every inch of wall and floor space can be put to good use because the floor plan doesn’t have to accommodate a swinging door. A private toilet area fits nicely in this bathroom, thanks to your space-saving pocket door.

Draw the Eye Upward

The shower curtain is hung on a track attached to the ceiling, adding to the height of the area, as well.

Create Drama

Play for immediate impact with textures and shades. This miniature powder room benefits from streamlined storage and a neutral color scheme. The tiled flooring, featuring rocks of varying sizes and colors, adds exceptional texture underfoot.

Choose Light Surfaces

This bathroom evokes with bright whites and hardly-there grey walls. Shimmering mosaic floor tiles add a hint of glamour to the calming space. A glass shower surround keeps the room feeling open.

Create a Cozy Feel with Color

Singling out a single color in several colours can develop a sense of coziness. Warm beige wall tiles envelop this tiny toilet like a hug. A richly stained wood dressing table and mirror framework add a bit of luxury. The tiny floor tiles add a splash of contrasting texture that keeps the space looking modern and unique.

Keep It Simple

Simple lines. Basic designs and colours. Sparse furnishings. When attempting to visually enlarge a small space, these layout ideas can make all the difference. This streamlined bathroom is a study in fashionable contrasts.

Small Bathroom Storage

Storage space is at a premium in small toilets. See the best way to increase the space you’ve got with a couple of clever tricks.

Bathroom shower doors

Show Off Details and Craftsmanship

In a little room, every detail gets discovered, so give attention to luxury features and quality craftsmanship. This stylish dressing table is infused with the room’s paneling, along with enchanting details on the dressing table doors and picture ledge. A marble countertop and shimmering classic -inspired hardware put in a sense of extravagance.

Retain Views

An interrupted view is crucial to making a little space feel open and asking. Here, a glass environment from feeling cramped and dark prevents the shower.

Interior partition wall ideas from Mitch Swinburne

Whether you have an open floorplan or would like to create private, cozy spaces in your home the right room divider can make all the difference. The pictures in this post go well beyond a folding screen and instead use everything from shrubbery to nautical rope to curtains to make beautiful, unique spaces.

Using indoor plants as partitions is a lovely and particularly creative treatment for the room divider problem. These vines climb up ropes to generate an indoor jungle that also splits spaces.

Utilizing an enormous bookshelf to break up a room is a superb practical utilization of space as seen here. The more books you amass, the more things that are different get.

The waterfall effect in this partition is ultra luxurious.

This plant divider is a little more opaque and needs regular trimming (along with water) to keep its sleek shape.

Sliding doors are another creative room divider choice. These are created from reclaimed wood and may be left open for air flow and space or closed off for privacy.

Toronto mold removal

Modern and nautical, this rope room divider is really a fairly easy DIY.

Installing an entire wall is just not constantly an option. This panel that is big only affixes in several areas, making removal and setup easy. As you can see, additionally, it provides perfect place to show artwork.

An even more perpendicular option, with built in planters this wall is part room divider, component garden.

Using shelving to split a room now offers extra storage and display space.